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San Diego, CA Spring Break 2016

Spring Break 2016 is about to return to San Diego and there is not a better way to keep the fun alive then getting on a party bus. Renting a party bus will open the door to getting your group into some of the hottest spots in San Diego.  Every year the new “it spot” changes. Don’t count on your older brothers past glorification of Pacific Beach or Downtown night clubs, just call up a party bus company and they will let you know where to go and how to get in. If you are a college student on spring break there is a good chance you will be doing more than your fair share of drinking. Don’t put your friend on the spot and make them feel obligated to drink and drive because they have had less to drink then you have. Plan ahead and rent a party bus. This will ensure that you have a safe driver for the whole group and you can keep the party going all day and all night. If you are looking to meet new guy or girl friends, you will surely impress them when you show up in a party bus. Here is a list of top things to do while visiting San Diego on your spring break 2016. Rent a party bus to downtown so you can experience the best that San Diego has to offer in the Gaslamp District. Rent a condo on Mission Boulevard and heckle and rate the passer byers on the boardwalk.  Crash a wedding with confidence. Make sure to channel your inner Will Ferrel.  Spend a... read more

Wedding Transportation Party Bus Rental

Rent a party bus to shuttle your wedding party or guest to the venue. Here is a list of questions to ask and things to know before renting a party or limo bus.  Know a little bit of your wedding day plan before calling to rent a party bus. You should have the date, general location and time you will need the party bus. Saturday’s are the busiest days for party bus and shuttle bus companies. You can get the best rental prices midweek. Most companies charge by the hour. If possible, try to rent and use the party bus for consecutive hours. If you need split the timing for the begging part of the day and again at the end of the day, you might end up paying for time you are not using the party bus. Try to make a plan that spaces out pickup times so you can accommodate everyone with ONE vehicle. Having to rent more then one party bus may double your cost and you will be expected to tip multiple drivers.  Remember your guest are here for you.  They will not mind waiting around for the bridal party to arrive. They really won’t mind if you give them something to eat or drink. A successful plan may include the party bus to take the men to the church or venue first and then return to pickup the bride and brides maids and bring them to the venue. The party bus can be used as a air conditioned hide out place for the bride until she is ready to be seen. Ask the party bus company if... read more

How to Rent a Limo or Party Bus in San Diego California

Renting a limo or party bus in San Diego, CA is made easy with  Everyone has seen the big black party buses driving around San Diego but few people have ever had to rent one. This process is a lot easy than you might think. Here is a list of things to know before renting a limo or party bus and some good questions to ask. The first thing you want to do is differentiate the good companies from the bad.  If you Google rent a party bus you might find lots of cheap option from companies who do not actually own their vehicles. The key word here is CHEAP. Limo and Party Bus brokers are a big red flag. A good place to start is on yelp: to differentiate the great companies from the heartless bad companies. Know the difference between a Limo/Party Bus Broker vs. Party Bus Company. A party bus broker will rent you a vehicle then search around to different companies trying to find the cheapest limo bus so to maximise their own profit. These are the horror stories you hear of. Prom bus and wedding transportation ruined by buses not showing up or not looking like the bus on the online pictures or just total bus beaters arriving and embarrassing you in front of your peers. Avoid this situation by asking the company if, a) they own their own vehicles b) to send you pictures of the actual vehicle you will get. Request a Quote: The fastest way to get a price quote is to call- don’t be deterred if you have to leave a message. You don’t have to... read more

Bolt Party Bus = San Diego Super Tours

THE SAN DIEGO SUPER TOUR Bolt Transportation Limo Bus has teamed up with Everyday California to create the best day of your life! Start the day out with a party bus waiting outside your door. Where will your party bus be taking you today? To see some of the best places of San Diego! The first part of your Super Tour will be kayaking the La Jolla Coves with the amazing guides of Everyday California. They will suit you up in a warm wetsuit and be taken to explore the La Jolla Coves in a single or double kayak and they even have SUP (stand up paddleboards) as an option. There is plenty to see at La Jolla Coves and that’s why thousand of locals and tourist flock there all year round. After seeing the sights of La Jolla Cove and getting your workout in, I believe you have earned yourself a beer (or two). You will be ready to see more of San Diego’s finest attractions. Your party bus will be waiting for you to take you to some of the greatest craft breweries that San Diego has to offer. The craft brewery scene in San Diego is the best in the world and is something that every 21+ year old, beer lover or not, should check out. Bolt Transportation Brewery Tours will take you to 3 breweries in search of your new favorite beer. Your knowledgeable party bus driver will help explain why beer in San Diego is second to none when it comes to making a great beer. Not only do the breweries have great beer... read more
Top 10 Reasons to pick Bolt Transportation Party Bus

Top 10 Reasons to pick Bolt Transportation Party Bus

Top 10 Reasons to rent a Bolt Transportation Party Bus Bolt Transportation is San Diego’s best party bus company specializing in offering top of the line limo and party buses in the World’s Finest City. Bolt Transportation has won top accolades for being the #1 party bus company voted on by San Diego A-list multiple times! Here is a list of the top reasons that people prefer Bolt Transportation Limo Bus over the competition: 10) Customer Service- Bolt Transportation treats their customer like royalty from the booking process to the party on the bus. 9) Affordable Prices- Bolt has some of the cheapest rates in San Diego while not jeopardizing quality or integrity. 8) Amazing Party Buses- A Bolt Party Bus with the lights flashing and the sound pumping = a successful night out. 7) Rocking Sound Systems- Bolt Party Buses have the top of the line sound systems and allows you to control the music. 6) Friendly Drivers- Bolt’s drivers are naturally nice and trained to be professionals with just the right amount of interaction. 5) Reservation- If you’re headed on a brewery tour, winery tour, or headed to a nightclub, Bolt will make the reservations for you. 4) Safety- Bolt Transportation has the highest levels of training and security to ensure a safe trip during your party bus experience. 3) VIP Status- Bolt will save you money getting into some of the hottest downtown night clubs. 2) Connections- Whether you need transportation to a theme park, concert or baseball game, Bolt Transportation will get you in. 1) The Party- Bolt Transportation understands the difference between wedding transportation and a bachelor party transportation. These are 2 different... read more