Bolt Party Bus = San Diego Super Tours

Bolt Transportation Limo Bus has teamed up with Everyday California to create the best day of your life! Start the day out with a party bus waiting outside your door. Where will your party bus be taking you today? To see some of the best places of San Diego! The first part of your Super Tour will be kayaking the La Jolla Coves with the amazing guides of Everyday California. They will suit you up in a warm wetsuit and be taken to explore the La Jolla Coves in a single or double kayak and they even have SUP (stand up paddleboards) as an option. There is plenty to see at La Jolla Coves and that’s why thousand of locals and tourist flock there all year round.
After seeing the sights of La Jolla Cove and getting your workout in, I believe you have earned yourself a beer (or two). You will be ready to see more of San Diego’s finest attractions. Your party bus will be waiting for you to take you to some of the greatest craft breweries that San Diego has to offer. The craft brewery scene in San Diego is the best in the world and is something that every 21+ year old, beer lover or not, should check out. Bolt Transportation Brewery Tours will take you to 3 breweries in search of your new favorite beer. Your knowledgeable party bus driver will help explain why beer in San Diego is second to none when it comes to making a great beer. Not only do the breweries have great beer but they also have great food. Food trucks are no longer the “roach coaches” of yesteryear. Every brewery has food trucks which have plenty of gourmet options that coincide perfectly with the beers you are exploring. 3 breweries and a party bus in 5 hours is a match made in beer heaven.
There is no better way to see what San Diego has to offer then in the party bus. Why?

1) Party buses have wrap around limo style seating so you can be in the conversation with many people at once. Perfect for large groups, making new friends, business team brainstorming or bachelor/ bachelorette party fun.

2) Party buses have great sound systems that allow you to rock out to the music of your choice.

3) BYOB (bring your own booze) & BYOF (bring your own food) -When you are on vacation you want to be sure that you don’t go thirsty or hungry and riding around in a Bolt Party Bus will keep you satisfied while feeling like a rockstar.

Now that you have paddled, ate and drank your fill. Your party bus will take you back home. Unless of course you are ready to take on the third part of the San Diego Super Tours Challenge? The San Diego nightlife scene. Bolt Transportation has connections to all of the top clubs, bars and night time entertainment. Bolt Transportation can help get you VIP entrance into some of the hottest downtown La Jolla or downtown San Diego night clubs and bars. If you are beat from the long day you have had but still want to be entertained San Diego Super Tours and Bolt Transportation Party Bus will take you to laugh your butt off at a comedy club. Bolt Transportation has many options to make this one day you will never forget. The best part is at the end of your night your party bus is right there to take you home. Bolt Transportation Limo Bus has set up the perfect day and the perfect night for you to enjoy without a care in the world.
So are you ready to take on the San Diego Super Tour Challenge? You will be rewarded with the best day of your life! Call 619-888-1267

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