How to Rent a Limo or Party Bus in San Diego California

Renting a limo or party bus in San Diego, CA is made easy with  Everyone has seen the big black party buses driving around San Diego but few people have ever had to rent one. This process is a lot easy than you might think. Here is a list of things to know before renting a limo or party bus and some good questions to ask.

Party Bus 1 Outside San Diego

Party Bus 1 Outside San Diego

  1. The first thing you want to do is differentiate the good companies from the bad.  If you Google rent a party bus you might find lots of cheap option from companies who do not actually own their vehicles. The key word here is CHEAP. Limo and Party Bus brokers are a big red flag. A good place to start is on yelp: to differentiate the great companies from the heartless bad companies.
  2. Know the difference between a Limo/Party Bus Broker vs. Party Bus Company. A party bus broker will rent you a vehicle then search around to different companies trying to find the cheapest limo bus so to maximise their own profit. These are the horror stories you hear of. Prom bus and wedding transportation ruined by buses not showing up or not looking like the bus on the online pictures or just total bus beaters arriving and embarrassing you in front of your peers. Avoid this situation by asking the company if, a) they own their own vehicles b) to send you pictures of the actual vehicle you will get.Inside Party Bus
  3. Request a Quote: The fastest way to get a price quote is to call- don’t be deterred if you have to leave a message. You don’t have to leave a long message. Transportation companies want your business and they will call you back ASAP. Details you might want to leave on the message: Name, Phone #, Date you are inquiring about, # of people in group and activity i.e. wedding, San Diego Brewery Tour, Temecula Wine Tour. You will have to repeat this information when they call you back so keep it short and sweet. If your event is a few months out in the future and you are still shopping around, go online and fill out a request a quote. This is a good option so you have the quote in writing.
  4. Every company has their own policy on a deposit. Now that you have found a reputable company with a vehicle available at the date, time and price you want, you will need to know the deposit amount and the cancellation policy. Some companies will let you pay in full at the time of pick up, others will ask for a deposit and  others will want to charge 100% when the reservation is made.
  5. Your friends will be late! Tell your friends to arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time so you are not wasting your party bus time waiting for that one friend who has never been on time in his/her life. Choose a pickup location that people will feel comfortable hanging out: Good Options: a house or bar. Bad Options: parking lots and shopping centers.
  6. Bring a cooler- this way your drinks are cold and ready to drink when you want them in the party bus.
  7. Music- Pick someone to be the DJ before getting on the bus. DJ is a tough job. Pick someone who is upto date with music and has music on their phone without commercials. Or prepare a preset playlist for the party bus ahead of time.
  8. Alcohol- Never walk off the party bus with an open container. On the bus you are safe. One step outside the bus and you are in jeopardy of an open container ticket. Breweries and wineries get real upset if you walk on their property with an outside alcoholic beverage and you put them at risk of losing their permit. Don’t be that guy! A good policy is, “What happens in the party bus, stays in the party bus”.
  9. Tipping- Renting a limo or Party Bus your driver is going to work hard, stay up late and bend over backwards to make you happy. If you have any special request during your trip your driver is at your service. If you are running low on ice, need to stop by a convenient store, or need to hit up late night munchies, your driver is your best friend and will take you where you want to go. Keep in mind your driver will probably be cleaning up after you as well. If your driver has worked hard for you show them that you appreciate them by offering them a 20% tip. Industry standard is (15-20%).
  10. Write a review of your experience on yelp, google+ or share your good times on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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