San Diego, CA Spring Break 2016

Spring Break 2016 is about to return to San Diego and there is not a better way to keep the fun alive then getting on a party bus. Renting a party bus will open the door to getting your group into some of the hottest spots in San Diego.  Every year the new “it spot” changes. Don’t count on your older brothers past glorification of Pacific Beach or Downtown night clubs, just call up a party bus company and they will let you know where to go and how to get in. If you are a college student on spring break there is a good chance you will be doing more than your fair share of drinking. Don’t put your friend on the spot and make them feel obligated to drink and drive because they have had less to drink then you have. Plan ahead and rent a party bus. This will ensure that you have a safe driver for the whole group and you can keep the party going all day and all night. If you are looking to meet new guy or girl friends, you will surely impress them when you show up in a party bus. Here is a list of top things to do while visiting San Diego on your spring break 2016.

  1. Rent a party bus to downtown so you can experience the best that San Diego has to offer in the Gaslamp District.
  2. Rent a condo on Mission Boulevard and heckle and rate the passer byers on the boardwalk.
  3.  Crash a wedding with confidence. Make sure to channel your inner Will Ferrel.
  4.  Spend a day day-drinking on Garnet Street and join a pub crawl or go on a party bus brewery tour.
  5.  Rent a bicycle and cruise the boardwalk. Watch out for hecklers.
  6.  Rent a boat with a jacuzzi for your new friends at night under the stars.
  7.  Visit old town drink a margarita and buy a poncho.
  8.  Rent a party bus to and from the Mexican Boarder and walk into Mexico.
  9.  Rent a party bus to Temecula and taste some of the best wines in Southern California
  10.  Get a tattoo to remember the best time of your life while visiting San Diego, CA.

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