Wedding Transportation Party Bus Rental

Rent a party bus to shuttle your wedding party or guest to the venue. Here is a list of questions to ask and things to know before renting a party or limo bus. 

  1. Know a little bit of your wedding day plan before calling to rent a party bus. You should have the date, general location and time you will need the party bus. Saturday’s are the busiest days for party bus and shuttle bus companies. You can get the best rental prices midweek.
  2. Most companies charge by the hour. If possible, try to rent and use the party bus for consecutive hours. If you need split the timing for the begging part of the day and again at the end of the day, you might end up paying for time you are not using the party bus.
  3. Try to make a plan that spaces out pickup times so you can accommodate everyone with ONE vehicle. Having to rent more then one party bus may double your cost and you will be expected to tip multiple drivers.
  4.  Remember your guest are here for you.  They will not mind waiting around for the bridal party to arrive. They really won’t mind if you give them something to eat or drink.
  5. A successful plan may include the party bus to take the men to the church or venue first and then return to pickup the bride and brides maids and bring them to the venue. The party bus can be used as a air conditioned hide out place for the bride until she is ready to be seen.
  6. Ask the party bus company if they allow food, drink and alcohol on the bus. Ask the company if they will supply the bus with ice, water and cups.
  7. You are going to be hungry. Bring snacks so you don’t pass out from hunger at the alter or after the ceremony.
  8. Paying for a party bus and tipping the driver on your wedding day is the last thing that you want to be thinking of.  Ask if you can pay and tip ahead of time so you can enjoy the more important parts of the day.
  9. Get a bus bigger then you expect. Between large wedding gowns, a photographer with a huge camera plus their 3 side photographers and cousin Nicky surprise plus one, it is always better to have more room then feel squished.
  10. Expect to need the party bus longer then you might need. At the end of the night it is like herding cats trying to get your loved ones out of the venue and into the party bus. It is worth it to have a little extra time with the bus scheduled. Sometimes other groups have rented out the bus after your end time. This might mean overtime is unavailable. If your wedding timing is pushed back like it often is, its best if you have an extra hour of leeway so your group doesn’t get left without a ride.



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