Tailgating and Concerts

Our party buses are the best way to get you to your favorite show with a smile on your face and a cold one in your hand.

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Tailgating and Concerts

Tailgating your team needs you there early and we can provide you with the best way to get to the tailgate, anywhere in Southern California. When the big game is on the line, there is no time to mess around. You need a comfortable Party Bus that gives you the best opportunity to be game-time ready and leaves you without a worry about getting home safe. Bolt Transportation Party Bus started in San Diego and was an idea that formed at Qualcomm Stadium while tailgating. The intoxicating fun of a tailgating event can only be amplified to highest level while traveling to and from the stadium in a Bolt Party Bus. Why wait to get to the stadium to start your fan rage when you can start the party when the bus picks you up. Once aboard the party bus turn up your favorite fight songs and get you blood flowing to feel the spirit of victory.

The main ingredients for a successful tailgate include a safe ride to and from the stadium, a cooler icing down your favorite drinks and all your friends. Our party buses were built for tailgating. We have top of the line sound systems to blast your fight song. ¬†We have seating capacity for all of your friends and family. We have the best drivers that will safely get you to and from the stadium. It doesn’t matter if you your team wins or loses the game because when you rent a bolt party bus you always come out victorious!

Headed to a concert?

You are going to need a safe ride to and from any San Diego concert. Our party buses are the best way to get you to your favorite show with a smile on your face and a cold one in your hand. After you rock out at the show the last thing you are going to want to do is wait for a taxi or uber while 50,000 wasted people are fighting over the same thing. Come prepared with a party bus. Your drinks will be cold and waiting for you after the show and you won’t have to pay concert prices for them. Let us help you ride the high of the night and get you home safe in a party bus.

Bolt Transportation Party Bus offers both hourly rental rates and roundtrip transfers. If you are looking for a fun ride to and from the concert a round trip transfer is your cheapest option. This is a good option for group of people on a budget. Some venues make you pay for parking the party bus. If you choose this option you can avoid parking prices but you won’t get the pleasure of enjoying the bus while you wait for your concert to begin. Also you might have to battle the crowds or walk a little to meet up with the party bus outside of the venue. Howerver you can’t beat the price for this party bus option.

The other option is to pay the hourly rate. The benefit of paying by the hour is that you get to keep the bus the whole time and you can leave your stuff inside of the bus while you are at the concert. You will also have the benefit of knowing exactly where the bus is parked and where you need to return to when the concert is over. For almost the same price this is the recommend options to maximise your experience at the concert and aboard your party bus.




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