Bolt Transportation Party Bus is well loved all over San Diego. This is proven by our customers appreciation and fantastic testimonials of Bolt Transportation’s A+ service. Our party buses have won FIRST PLACE voted on by San Diego A-List in 2014 and we are looking to repeat again year after year.  When you are aboard a Bolt Transportation party bus the customer comes first. Bolt’s drivers are professionals and know how to treat a customer the way they want to be treated. We are here to accommodate you every step of the way from reserving a party bus to customising your party bus for your special occasion. Bolt Transportation will make reservations for your brewery tour, winery tour, get you VIP entrance to nightclubs or help you out anywhere else you would like to go. We can customize your party bus so your event is a hit. We want you to love Bolt Transportation as much as our thousands of other customers who have been on our party buses and we will go that extra mile for you as well. Bolt Transportation and Yelp have been favorites among San Diegans for years and we will continue our top of the line 5 star service for years to come. “We didn’t invent the party bus, we perfected it.” But don’t take our word for it, check out our customers who have showed us love with their testimonials.

Gary T.
yelp-5-starI chose Bolt Transportation for the serious job of helping me surprise the love of my life for her Birthday. Best decision I made in 2014.The driver, Brian, was amazing. The surprise plans were a little bit tricky because 3 of us had to be picked up downtown and the birthday girl needed to be picked up from work in Coronado. Brian stealthily hid the shiny huge limo bus a block away and we were able to surprise the crap out her as she was standing outside chatting with some co workers thinking we were picking her up in our regular car. It was perfect when he opened the big doors and we all got to yell “Surprise”! He then took us on the coolest ride ever. I thought we were just going to hit the 5 and head south to the amphitheater but Brian had a much better surprise for us all! Instead, We headed south from Coronado towards Imperial Beach. Having water on both sides made it seem like we were on a huge yacht, boating down to the Nine Inch Nails concert at the Amphitheater. I will never forget it because the smooth ride of the huge, extremely clean, limo bus floating down the highway between the light blue California waters made the ride breathtakingly refreshing. All of this lead to not just a ride to a concert. Instead it turned into the best transportation experience I could dream of. I was stressing that something would go wrong and nothing even came close because Brian is a professional expert at “Baller status transportation”. He thought of every thing so all we had to do was enjoy the occasion! The concert was awesome and Pick up went smoother than a babies bum! Thank you Bolt Transportation for being the best transportation company in San Diego!
Jacquelyne H.
yelp-5-starI’ve had the pleasure of riding on a Bolt party bus a few times for a few different events. All of them were great experiences, but my last one was fantastic. I highly recommend this company. I accidentally left my car keys on the bus, after lending them out for use of my bottle opener. I realized what happened the next morning and called and left a message with Brian. I received a call back saying he found them. He even dropped them off at my house! That’s what I call customer service.
Saad H.
yelp-5-starIm giving them 5 stars because Brian was great to work with. He responded well via email and phone. We had a little miscommunication but cleared it up quickly. I would use him again. Thanks Brian.
Sophia G.yelp-5-star Testimonials
You know you made the right choice in choosing a party bus when the bus driver asks you for the name of songs your bumping in the back of the bus and allows you to cushion your tips by throwing him snacks.  Awesome awesome service and great price for what you get.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Dee D.
yelp-5-star“My daughter called to look in to limo bus service for prom. Brian helped her then told her he needed to speak to a parent – yay Brian! I called and spoke to him. He was very helpful and professional, and really looks out for the kids safety. I was very impressed. He did exactly what any concerned parent of teenagers would want – confirm information, check to make sure the parent has the information and is ok with the plan. Releases, policies, and parent contact info required.As it turned out my daughter and her friends didn’t end up renting a limo bus, but nonetheless Brian was very helpful and professional. Next time I need a limo bus I’ll be calling Brian!”